Married Police Officers Charged With Killing Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

Courtesy of Tulsa County Jail/News On 6

Tulsa, Okla., police officers Shannon Kepler and his wife, Gina Kelper, were arrested for the shooting death of Jeremy Lake, their daughter’s boyfriend.

News on 6 reports that Lake was walking with the Keplers’ daughter when the couple was approached by Shannon in an SUV. The daughter told police that she approached her father and he asked what she was doing in the area. Lake then approached the car to introduce himself, and witnesses report that Kepler then shot Lake two or three times. He allegedly also shot at his daughter but missed.


When contacted by police, Gina Kepler reportedly told them that she was aware of why they were calling but she and her husband were not home. After what News on 6 describes as an “extended period of time,” Gina called the police and agreed to surrender.

Tulsa police told News on 6 that the Keplers, who have been with the department 24 years, have both been placed on administrative leave. Shannon was arrested for first-degree murder, and Gina for accessory to murder after the fact.

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