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Marines Give White Nationalist GI Joe the Boot


Imagine fighting for your country in Iraq and Afghanistan, facing enemies across the world, being wounded in action, yet still believing that black people are the real threat to America and that it is your duty to do something about it.


Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Manning will be kicked out of the Marine Corps for taking part in a Confederate rally where he brandished guns and hung the flag to the place where his true allegiance lies: white supremacy.

This white nationalist GI Joe is not your ordinary soldier. According to Time magazine, Manning is a 15-year combat veteran who completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan and a tour in Iraq and won the Purple Heart medal for being wounded in action. He was also awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, Iraq Campaign Medal and Afghanistan Campaign Medal.


He is also a white supremacist, racist criminal.

The 32-year-old Manning and fellow Marine Corps Officer Sgt. Michael Chesny were arrested for climbing a building and unfurling racist banners containing white nationalist slogans when they attended a “Confederate Memorial Day” rally hosted by Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County, a neo-Confederate group that formed in 2015 out of opposition to a local mosque. (Wait. Let’s take a moment to stand in awe of what you just read before it is hailed as the pound-for-pound most racist sentence ever.)

One of the banners contained a quote from George Orwell’s 1984: “He who control’s the past controls the future,” a reference to the neo-Confederate masturbatory fetish for monuments of traitors to their country. The other banner read “YWNRU,” which stands for “You will not replace us,” the slogan of the white identitarian group Identity Evropa (the phrase previously served as the slogan for the members of Destiny’s Child not named Beyoncé—see how they steal all our culture?).


Manning was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, where he was an instructor at the Marine Combat Engineer School. He was arrested for trespassing on May 20 and freed on a $1,500 bond, and he could face 60 days in jail, but the Marines had to deal with disciplinary, criminal and civil complaints, along with an internal investigation before they kicked racist Rambo to the curb. Chesny, Manning’s partner in crime, will face only disciplinary action, for some reason.

He probably snitched.


Read more at Time magazine.

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sTalkinggoat attacks! with Trollhammer for 14 DMG

“You will not replace us” is such a whiny little slogan. It’s like that kid on the playground hoarding his toys. Nobody wants your Gobots, Carter.