map shows the most racist areas in the country based on racist tweets.
Courtesy of Floating Sheep 

As you travel for the holidays, keep in mind that not all places in these United States are as friendly as others. Now someone has pinpointed the most racist and homophobic locations in the United States—at least according to tweets sent from those areas, Policy Mic reports.

A map, created by the folks over at Floating Sheep, a site that maps and analyzes geo-coded data, visually shows us the most hateful parts of America in a quite simple way: The more red an area, the more hateful the tweets.

As it turns out, the eastern half of the country had more red blotches.

Floating Sheep gathered the data from geo-coded tweets sent from June 2012 to April 2013. The site filtered the tweets using a list of derogative terms that were pulled from a Wikipedia list of racist and LGBT slurs, according to the website’s FAQ, before manually going through about 150,000 tweets to make sure they were used in a negative context, Policy Mic notes. 

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