Man Who ‘Didn’t Want a Child’ Killed Pregnant Girlfriend During Fight, Police Say


Keith Jackson (New York Post via Facebook)
Keith Jackson (New York Post via Facebook)

A New York City man is facing charges after killing his pregnant girlfriend during a fight in their Staten Island apartment on Thursday, authorities say.

According to police, Keith Jackson and Bridget Shenk were having a heated argument when Jackson shot Shenk in the chest. Shenk, who was three months pregnant, died at the scene, WPIX 11 reports.


Shenk’s mother, Dorothy McLeod, told the news station that Jackson, who, according to McLeod, was the father of the child, did not want a child.

“She always wanted a child. He didn’t want a child. When they found out she was pregnant, she was so excited. I went with her on Monday to the doctor,” McLeod said.

The grieving mother said that her daughter and Jackson had previously talked about separating and that Shenk “was trying to establish a better life for her child,” and had asked Jackson to move out.

McLeod said that when she spoke to her daughter Wednesday, no issues were mentioned. She also said that the couple had no known instances of domestic violence.


Jackson was taken into custody and was facing charges of murder, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a firearm, according to police.


Read more at WPIX 11.

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At the risk of sounding callous and cold hearted, a lot of women really need to stop thinking they can change a man’s mind. I obviously don’t know this couple, but when a male says it doesn’t want a child and this pos looks like he calls women “females” anyway—WHY procreate with it? I understand this poor woman was trying to get away from this situation and I’m not victim blaming. She wanted to move on with her life with her baby and wanted nothing from him—and I get being lonely and wanting to start a family—but I don’t understand women who try and force it with undesirable males. And I wonder if this was the first dv incident they had. A pos doesn’t just shoot a woman like this with no previous displays of violence.

Last week my next door neighbor was attacked by her baby daddy after she confronted him about his infidelities. He attacked her, refused to leave the apartment after she told him to hand over his keys, AND he refused to return her car keys because OF COURSE she had given him her car to drive around in. She boo-hooed out in the hallway for about an hour but did not press charges when the cops showed up. She just told him he had to leave. Guess who is back less than one week later, while she is walking around grinning like this is normal. Btw her name is on the lease-his is NOT- and did i mention she is helping to raise his child from another baby mama? But yeah she needs his specific dick in her life i suppose. But there is no shortage of dick out here—there is a surplus of manmeat. If one is not acting right or not giving you what you need, like the commitment of being a father, find another one and protect yourself. Next time dude will break her jaw and I will have zero sympathy. Of course there are incidents where a man just snaps with no warning at all—but when someone shows you who they are, etc.