Man Who Allegedly Killed Teen Prankster Says He Meant to Scare

Willie Noble

Little Rock, Arkansas, native Willie Noble, who is being charged with the murder of 15-year-old Adrian Broadway, told the authorities that he shot at a vehicle with teenagers in it because he wanted to scare them, the Associated Press reports.

Over the weekend, a group of teens reportedly pulled a retaliation prank on Noble’s 16-year-old son, vandalizing Noble’s car with eggs, mayonnaise and toilet paper. Noble says that he waited for the kids to return and fired his gun.


"Mr. Noble stated that he waited inside because he knew whoever vandalized his vehicle was going to come back. Mr. Noble stated that once they returned [about 45 minutes later], he fired his handgun to scare them," according to the statement released by police Tuesday.

A bullet hit Adrian in the head, ultimately killing her. According to the police, the man did not call the authorities before or after the incident. They were alerted by the teens, who fled to a convenience store, the AP notes. The sedan was riddled with bullet holes on the driver side. Broadway was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Noble is being charged with first-degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault and committing a terrorist act. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

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