Man Sues Exes for Trashing Him Online

Matt Couloute (Jezebel)

The Internet has its share of negatives. Sucking up time. Killing snail mail. Allowing your parents to embarrass you on Facebook. But New Jersey attorney Matt Couloute has an even bigger gripe with the way anyone can put whatever they want on the old worldwide Web.

In a lawsuit that's centered around romantic drama but could actually have real implications for online speech, he's suing two ex-girlriends who he says posted unlflattering comments about him on a website called LiarsCheatersRUs. Jezebel reports that he blames the postings for ruining his career and even preventing him from getting a home loan.


From Jezebel:

Matt Couloute's internet problem began many moons ago, when he broke up with a girlfriend of three years and then, days later, married someone else. The jilted woman did what any modern enraged person would do when they want to feel effective without actually doing anything — she took to the internet to complain. She wrote a post about Couloute that reads,

Lives in Jacksonville, FL/NY/NJ with his new "wife" that he married in City Hall just days after breaking up with his girlfriend of 2+ years. Cheated on ALL of ex-girlfriends. Lied and cheated his entire way through his 40 years of life. Uses people/his son/women to get what he wants then dumps you when he's done with them. Has no long term friends. He rents or finances everything and owns absolutely nothing.

The mother of Couloute's child, a San Francisco-area roller derby enthusiast named Stacey Blitsch, is also named in the lawsuit. Although she claims that she didn't write anything on the internet about Couloute, she says that she's tired of his cheaterly ways and wants people to know "the truth" about him.


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