Man Refuses to Help Stranded Trump Supporter Stuck in Snow

Donald Trump supporter’s car stuck in the snow in Ohio
Donald Trump supporter’s car stuck in the snow in Ohio

A man named Troy Brown posted to Facebook earlier this month that he came across a woman who was stuck in the snow but declined to help her because she was a Donald Trump supporter, the Kansas City Star reports.


It occurred when Ohio got hit with a severe snowstorm.

Apparently he had originally planned on helping her, until he saw the Trump bumper sticker on her car. He then took to Facebook to post about the situation.

“I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car. #CallYoPresident,” Brown posted, along with a picture of the car and a two-second video of himself looking unfazed.

He also wrote, “Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking, or murderers. I believe in peace and harmony. Trump didn’t display that.”

Since the post a couple of weeks ago, he has received both support and a backlash.


"Lol but if she did that to you it would be racism. When they go low we go high," read one of the comments.

Another comment read, "Wow, pretty low move, and to brag? Lol. I'm sorry your morals are so misguided."


Brown responded to Trump supporters who had something to say about his original post by posting another one, quipping:

I've received a lot of feedback; both good and bad concerning the supporter which I've left in the blizzard. As an American citizen, I'm not here for your deeply rooted hatred! Nor am I here for your self righteous comments when the time permits and benefits the Caucasian community. Where were you all during Trumps rallies when blacks and Muslims were trampled? Where were you all when Trump settled in court? Nothing but love! However, I've provided a list below which allows you and your peers to call for help in a time of need:

1. Yo President
2. ExxonMobil Rex W. Tillerson
3. General Flynn's Son! Michael T. Flynn
4. Gunman at Comet Pizzeria in D.C.


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