Tori Phillipis

A man wearing a Superman hoodie helped save a baby from an East Dallas apartment fire, according to NBCDFW.

Tori Phillips, a big fan of the superhero, reportedly urged a couple trapped in their apartment to toss their little one to the safety of his arms. Although hesitant at first, they eventually dropped the infant and Phillips caught it, becoming one of many residents who stepped up to help each other escape the blaze, the news station reports.


“I’d seen they needed help and they were scared to come down with their baby and I was like I’m right here, I’ll catch ‘em so that’s what I did and then another dude helped get his wife down and then he jumped down and got them to safety,” said Phillips.

Phillips is among those who lost his apartment unit but the good Samaritan says he’ll move on from that, he told the station. The baby he found momentarily in his arms this morning is a way bigger deal to him than the things he lost, he said.

The four-alarm apartment fire sent two people to the hospital, including a firefighter and destroyed dozens of units at the Mayan Palms Apartments in the 7500-block of Hunnicut Road, the news station reports.

The preliminary cause of all this damage, according to fire investigators, was careless use of candles in an apartment where the electricity was shut off, the report says.


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