Man Attempts to Kill Spider With Fire; Spider Sets Apartment on Fire


Here’s a lesson for everyone: If you see a huge spider, maybe don’t try to set it on fire because apparently, spiders will stop, drop and roll their way into setting your apartment on fire. And that’s just what happened to a Redding, Calif., man, after he attempted to torch a venomous wolf spider in his home.

According to the Redding Record, the unidentified man used a torch lighter in an attempt to kill the spider, but the spider found its way onto a mattress, which immediately went up in flames, along with nearby curtains.


Lyndsey Wisegarver, a resident in the apartment building, said that residents attempted to use a garden hose to put the fire out, but it still caused $11,000 worth of damage and left residents without a mattress or a place to live.

There’s no word on whether or not the spider survived. My spidey senses tell me wolfie has moved on to the next apartment.

Read more at the Redding Record.

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