Malawi Judge Says No! to Madonna

So here's the latest:  Madonna had her eye on a three-year old Malawi girl to bring home.  You know, so the little bloke David could have a playmate.  [Why does this sound like activity at a slave auction]?  Anyway, a Malawi judge thwrated Madonna's gaze by saying "NO" to her request to adopt another child in the AIDS-ravished country.  Allegedly, this new judge is following Malawi protocol and insisting prospective parents live in Malawi for at least 18 months.  What a slap in the face, right?  I mean, Madonna is building a girl's school in Malawi; she's keeping ties with David's biological father.  She's doing everything in her power to ensure the Malawi people [and the world] that her intentions are pure and not ego-driven.

Look, I'm on board with some of the anti-Madonna-adoption groups.  They believe the pop queen should offer financial help to the child's extended family, you know, so they could take care of the baby.  However, that only works if Maddona's really in Malawi to help out children orphaned by AIDS.  I certainly believe these children deserve parenting [at home or abroad], but if Americans keep going over to Malawi and taking children then what will the country look like in 18 years?  [Why does this sound like a post-colonial discussion on the Atlantic slave trade?]  What are your thoughts?


Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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