Make Shopify Great Again: The E-Commerce Giant Deactivates Sites Selling Trump Merch

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First lesson you learn at Trump University? The art of the con. The second? Hit ‘em in the pocket—in Trump’s case, it’s where he keeps his balls. E-commerce juggernaut Shopify is the latest to wait until the toupee-topped Titanic’s wheezing last gasp to jump ship; on Thursday, it announced it would be making the MAGA leader’s merch much harder to buy, as it “has deactivated at least two e-commerce sites offering merchandise in support of Trump, a day after he publicly egged on and supported thousands of his supporters breaking into the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.,” reports Women’s Wear Daily (WWD).


“Shopify does not tolerate actions that incite violence,” a company representative told WWD, citing “recent events” as a violation of the platform’s “acceptable use policy”.

“As a result, we have terminated stores affiliated with President Trump,” the representative added.

As WWD notes, the e-commerce platform is the preferred online retail platform of “thousands of brands and companies.” While Shopify would not confirm the total number of sites closed, WWD reports:

The deactivated Shopify sites include, directly operated by the Trump Organization, and his official campaign merchandise site, Other sites associated with Trump or selling supportive merchandise seem to be closed as well.

Since as of Thursday afternoon, Trump’s access to his social media accounts—including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat—has also been revoked in the wake of his incendiary and patently false (but not at all new) rhetoric, we have no idea how he feels about the censure of his merchandise arm. Frankly, we care about his feelings just about as much as he cares about Black lives. (Or any except his own, for that matter. What’s that phrase? “Fuck your feelings”?). We do wonder, though: What happens to a MAGA hat deferred? Does it dry up like the orange skin of its president in the sun?

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I hope they have enough salt for all those hats they have to eat.