Ludacris Donates $75,000 Worth of Musical Instruments to a Miami High School

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I have to say, between coronavirus, the death of Kobe and it looking more and more like the Senate is going to imbue the presidency with the kinds of powers it shouldn’t have, this has been a historically crappy week when it comes to news. Luckily, Ludacris came through to give us a bit of levity.


WSVN reports that Ludacris donated $75,000 worth of musical instruments to Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School in South Florida. The rapper and actor teamed up with Stubhub and Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to donate the instruments. In addition to donating the instruments, he also donated two tickets to the Super Bowl to the school’s band director, Kevin Segura. Segura said of the donation “This means, you know, that we’re actually going to have music education here at HML. You know, because of budget cuts, we don’t have the instruments that we need for all the kids.”

This is just a sweet story, y’all. Super Bowl weekend seems to be the time we see celebrities balling out, going in or just going to jail. It’s a nice change of pace to see something this charitable and wholesome. The students seemed very thrilled by the donation. “Honestly, it was crazy. Like, I’m sill speechless about it, especially with the instruments. Just seeing Ludacris. I’m very excited.” said Juan Sola, a student at the school. Ludacris himself said,

“You can feel the energy. You can feel how much love there is in this room not only for their band director and their band teacher, but surprising them and giving them $75,000 worth of equipment, which is obviously something great to boost confidence. It feels phenomenal. It feels great.”

Props to Ludacris for doing something good for the kids. Now here’s hoping the Fast and Furious 9 trailer is a banger. Who am I kidding, of course it will be.

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