Louisville City Council Moves Forward With 'Breonna's Law'; Cops Walk Out on Mayor Because They're Big, Whiny Babies

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The Louisville Metro Council’s Public Safety Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to approve Breonna’s Law, an ordinance that would mandate all officers have to wear body cameras while executing no-knock warrants.


Mayor Greg Fischer has suspended the use of the warrants, but the ordinance would cement guidelines for how they are executed in the future. WLKY TV reports that the no-knock warrants would be limited cases involving murder, hostage-taking, kidnapping, terrorism, or human or sexual trafficking.

The officers who barged their way into Taylor’s home on March 13 were there to execute a drug raid of the 26-year-old EMT’s home. Instead, they shot Taylor eight times, killing her.

However, the ACLU is pushing for a complete ban on no-knock warrants. The future of the ordinance now rests in the hands of the full Metro Louisville Council, which will vote on the measure.

Protesters in Louisville have continued to rally behind Taylor’s family for the last week, demanding charges be brought against the police officers who killed her. LMPD officers and the National Guard are also under investigation for another shooting that killed West Louisville resident David McAtee.

McAtee, the founder of YaYa’s BBQ, was shot and killed in the early hours of June 1st. Police claimed that a shot had been fired from a crowd they were attempting to disperse, and they returned fire. On Tuesday, LMPD released silent surveillance footage they said shows the 53-year-old firing a gun first at officers.

The Washington Post notes that the footage is missing key details, like where the police were standing at the time the shots were fired.


Mayor Fischer fired Police Chief Steve Conrad on Monday after it was revealed that officers were not turning on their body cameras, even though it had recently been mandated (due to Taylor’s death) that they do so.

On Wednesday, the police expressed their wrath toward Fischer during an evening roll-call in which a large group of officers walked out on the mayor as he came to address them.


An LMPD officer bragged to local news station WDRB TV that Fischer was “booed out of the fucking room.”

Fischer said he respected the police officers’ response.

“The men and women of LMPD are putting in long hours,” he said in a statement. “They are suffering insults and assaults from people they are working to protect. They are worried for their families and this city. They are frustrated, and some of them expressed that frustration today.”


Meanwhile, just to remind you, this is the total number of police officers who have been arrested in the deaths of Taylor and McAtee: 0.

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Babylon System

Any Reasonable Person: “Guys, you can’t terrorize and murder unarmed Americans.”

Police : “This is outrageous! Booooooooo!!

I really, really don’t understand this mindset.