Los Angeles Mayor Threatens to Shut Down Utilities in Non-Essential Businesses

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We currently are in the midst of a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Despite that fact, folks seem steadfast in acting like there isn’t a fatal, highly contagious virus out in these streets. So much so that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti may have to crack down even further.


According to CBS News, Garcetti has threatened to turn off the power and water in non-essential businesses that stay open through the city’s current “safer at home” emergency orders. The current orders allow only essential services such as grocery stores, restaurants that provide takeout and marijuana dispensaries to stay open. During his briefing on Tuesday, Garcetti said, “You need to stop it. This is your chance to step up and shut it down, because if you don’t, we will shut you down.”

I understand folks don’t want to lose business under these trying economic times but this ain’t the move. This is a highly transmittable virus that has already killed thousands and has left thousands more hospitalized. Los Angeles County alone has 1216 cases and 21 deaths as of Thursday. It’s a service to each other to close places down and to stay inside. This also goes for the folks using this time to head to the beach and go hiking. It defeats the purpose of places closing down if y’all are just going to congregate outside. If you’re not concerned about infecting others then at least be concerned about someone infecting you. Demonstrate at least some degree of self-preservation.

If I may quote my mother, get somewhere and sit down. Now.

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Good because this shit is stupid, my company I work for now considers themselves essential business even though our corporate headquarters is closed, france, and now the United States is an epicenter in less than 8 hours ago.

America is full of stupid fucking people and somehow they failed upwards, I wonder how or why.....