Just what we need โ€” another reality show. Just what black folks don't need โ€” another reality show making black folks look crazy. Buckle up because Donald Trump Presents the Ultimate Merger airs tonight on TV One featuring reality show vixen Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. You may remember her from the first season of The Apprentice and the Surreal Life. Manigault-Stallworth has been making the morning news rounds and starting a media war with Bravo's media darling Bethenny Frankel to jump-start the show. We can't believe that someone is actually extending this woman's 15 minutes of fame. Any brother looking for love with this woman, had better be ready to compete with the media spotlight. Or maybe it's the media spotlight that he's seeking, like contestant Al B. Sure. 1980s R&B crooner Al B. Sure must be trying to revive his career by appearing on this show. Perhaps he should be working on reviving his relationship with his son? Besides, word on the street is that Omarosa is hot and heavy with actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Thanks for continuing to set black love and black images back 100 years.

SOURCE: http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/blak_music_month/19534