New York’s Long Island Rail Road Investigating Racist White Man’s Rant

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Screenshot: WABC 7

Another day, another racist white man kirking out in public. This time it happened on New York’s Long Island Rail Road commuter train, and the unidentified white man had a few unkind words for a black passenger.


Although the incident happened April 19, video of the encounter only made its way to social media this week. In the cellphone video, a white man on the train who was headed from the Jamaica station, in New York City’s Queens borough, to Valley Stream in Long Island, N.Y., had a 10-minute hate-filled rant toward a black woman, during which he called her everything from a monkey-fucker to a bitch.

The passenger who filmed the tirade said that the black woman the tirade was directed toward was being loud on the train and annoyed Mr. I’m About to Bust a Vein.

“Apparently she was being too loud; I don’t know, I personally didn’t hear her,” the passenger told WABC 7. “He started calling her a bitch, and then another young woman stuck up for her and was like, ‘You don’t speak to people like that’ and then it kinda just escalated into being more racist.”

The LIRR is now investigating the incident, and I’m pretty sure this loser will eventually be identified.

“This language is offensive, completely inappropriate, and has no place in our society, let alone on the Long Island Rail Road. We are actively investigating this report,” an LIRR spokesperson said.

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Black America

What kills me is white men like this never have the balls to go at Black Men like this. They always single out Black Women for their racist tirades. Racist and a pussy.