Lone Protester Heckles Jerry Jones: ‘Look at the Videos of Police Getting Away With Murder and Tell Me the Players Are Wrong for Protesting’

Jerry Jones (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Jerry Jones had his Southern-fried ass handed to him by a lone protester as the Dallas Cowboys owner walked through what looked to be a hotel lobby.

In a 37-second video posted to Twitter, what sounds like an African-American man can be heard projecting to Jones, and shown holding an image of slaves with some of the most inhumane remnants of slavery, metal masks, with the caption, “They muzzled the slaves.”


Well, this man would not, and could not, be muzzled.


The man heckled the 75-year-old icon who, after kneeling with his team during the national anthem against the wishes of President Donald Trump, did an about-face with the very public stance of saying that any Dallas Cowboy who did not stand for the national anthem would be benched.


The video clip begins with the words “White supremacy” (a good start if I ever heard one) and then a man’s words: “If you want to treat them like $40 million slaves , gladiators who are well-paid to beat each other’s brains out but have to keep their mouths shut when talking about injustice, look at the videos of police getting away with murder, and tell me the players are wrong for protesting, and that they have no right to do that.


“People need to take a stand against white supremacy and people need to stand up to your buddy Donald Trump, whose regime needs to get out, and it begins Nov. 4,” the man says.

Jones, who was walking with a crew of older white men in suits, looks at the man and continues along his way.


The right of players to protest police injustice and racial animus in America continues to be expressed, with NFL players kneeling and some individuals speaking truth to power.


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