Rachel Dolezal 

A much-anticipated statement from Spokane, Wash., NAACP President Rachel Dolezal has been postponed pending further discussion with regional and national leaders, according to NBC News.

The 37-year-old had said that she would address her racial identity Monday night at the monthly meeting in response to her parents’ comments last week “outing” her as a white person who had been disguising herself as a black woman for almost a decade. Dolezal’s parents also said that she was passing off her adopted black brothers as her sons.


On Sunday, however, the local NAACP announced via its Facebook page that the meeting would be postponed “due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders.”

Dolezal had previously been fielding questions about her race, at first avoiding them before later claiming that she was black in an interview with KREM 2.

As for the NAACP, it has so far stood by the embattled leader, saying that her advocacy record speaks for itself and pointing out that racial identity, white or otherwise, is not a requirement for NAACP leadership.


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