Local Corruption Continues in Washington, DC

Sulaimon Brown (The Washington Post/Getty Images)
Sulaimon Brown (The Washington Post/Getty Images)

As local politicians in Washington, D.C., seem to be falling by the wayside, like former Council Chairman Kwame Brown, Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King writes that perhaps when those involved in shenanigans initially show their true colors, the people should believe them.

How different today's climate is from spring 2011.

That's when mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown told The Post he had been paid during the 2010 Democratic mayoral primary by members of Vincent Gray's campaign — chairwoman Lorraine Green and consultant Howard Brooks — to continue a verbal assault on incumbent Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in exchange for money and the promise of a city job.

The Gray campaign's response at the time was dismissive.

Sulaimon Brown? He's that "annoying guy who wouldn't go away," Gray's senior strategist Mo Elleithee told The Post.

"If anything happened, and I don't believe it happened … I would be shocked to find out anything did happen," Gray campaign manager Adam Rubinson chimed in.


Read Colbert I. King's entire piece at the Washington Post.

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