Full body scanners could be nifty on the safety front, but the issue of privacy and scanner image misuse has people wondering whether or not their use at the airport security line is a good idea. From NPR:

The equipment is designed to produce full-body images of airline passengers and presumably anything they might be trying to hide. Individuals enter a booth at the security checkpoint, where they're exposed to x-rays or radio waves, which produce a cartoon-like image. It's quick and easy, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

But lawmakers have been among those reluctant to deploy the machines. In June, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to restrict their use. The vote was big — 310-118 — and bipartisan. Members of both parties said they were concerned that the pictures were too intrusive and questioned their effectiveness.

Obviously, TSA has recently registered an epic and potentially tragic fail. We all know new security measures, so the question is: Do YOU think full-body scans are too intrusive or merely the cost of security?