Liberal Political Groups to Embark on Multimillion Dollar Campaign to Hold on to the Black Vote

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Since the beginning of the 2020 election season, one subject seems to pop up in political discussion again and again: the coveted black vote. Now, with the general election soon upon us, two liberal political action groups are joining forces and planning to launch a multimillion-dollar digital campaign targeting young black voters in an effort to dissuade them from voting either for President Trump or a third-party candidate.


From the Washington Post:

Priorities USA and Color of Change PAC intend to launch the effort in several key battleground states within the next few weeks, getting an early start at trying to convince skeptical or unenthusiastic black voters whose participation will be crucial if Democrats hope to limit Trump’s tenure to one term. Priorities has done online surveys over the past several months that indicate a larger share of young black men view Trump favorably than do African American women and older black male voters.

Since 2016, when Trump won a paltry eight percent of the black vote, there have been polls showing a slight uptick in black support for the president. Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil points to growing “skepticism” towards the Democratic Party among young black men as well as “some sort of opening” to Trump who has touted himself as the prison reforming, unemployment decreasing white savior to the black community.

“We know it’s not enough just to talk about Donald Trump. We also must lay out a more proactive, forward-looking agenda about what we are going to do when we get in office,” Cecil said in a statement after noting that “among African Americans and Hispanics across all age groups, we’ve seen Donald Trump’s approval rating decline over the last three weeks.”

Arisha Hatch, director of Color of Change PAC, pointed to Democrats taking the black vote for granted while failing to address the concerns of black people as the reason a $3 million campaign is necessary to secure our votes in the general election.

“Democrats rely on the black vote, yet too often fail to speak to the specific needs of Black voters.” Hatch said in a statement citing “the highest rates of unemployment, even in good economic times, crushing incarceration rates, and structures of inequity at every possible turn.”


Hatch said that she is “thrilled to work with Priorities USA to dig into these needs and develop incisive messages to address them.”

As a Washington Post-Ipsos poll shows, Trump hasn’t actually gained much favorability among black voters with 9 in 10 disapproving of Trump’s job performance and 8 in 10 saying they believe he is a racist and has only exacerbated the issue of racism in America. But growing support for Trump isn’t the only hurdle Democrats face in the upcoming presidential race; low voter turnout is arguably an even bigger concern.


Yet, Cecil is confident that Priorities can help Democrats overcome this obstacle having already spent $4 million to boost participation for local elections in Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“Just in running an online program that specifically communicated with infrequent voters about issues they care about, we were able to drive up turnout compared to places where we didn’t run the program,” Cecil said.


According to the Post, Priorities also has a whopping $17 million set aside to spend when the November election draws closer.

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No joke if Democrats focused on expanding voting as much as possible (fighting voter suppression, expanding early voting, expanding vote by mail, making election day a national holiday) they could chase the Republicans out of office without making any other policy or campaign changes. That’s all it would take.

The number of voters is there, they’re just not making it to the polls.

Politico has an article about it:

The theory that there is no “swing” voter, that mythical voter that shows up to the polls, undecided, and has to think about who they want. Instead, people vote in different elections based on their enthusiasm and ability. Lots of non-voters showed up for Obama because he excited people, and the turnout was super high. Then a lot of those voters stayed home.

The Republican Party crushes it on the enthusiasm and ability front, because their voters are more excited to vote (keeping people scared and an in a fascistic frenzy does that) and more able to vote (retired or wealthy). Democratic voters have less ability to vote (poorer, work multiple jobs, jobs without paid time off, have children, etc) and generally aren’t as excited about the candidate, since Democrats like to run “established moderates” who promise sane governance.

The Obama campaign proved you can bring out the non-voters if you can excite them enough, but what if you just made voting really easy so you don’t need a once-in-a-generation candidate to turn everyone out?