The album has been getting many of its well-deserved flowers recently. Last November, it was re-released on black double vinyl and triple vinyl editions in celebration of its 26th anniversary in conjunction with Soul in the Horn and Urban Legends. It also earned a spot in this year’s 28 Days of Album Cover Blackness from Very Smart Brothas’ very own Panama Jackson. But anniversaries and accolades aside, I can’t overstate how impactful Mary’s music—specifically this album—has been on the culture. I mean, I still remember the very first time I learned all the words to “I’m Goin’ Down” (looking at you Sister, Sister.) And who can forget that phenomenal Roy Ayers sample on “My Life,” not to mention that always groove-inducing “Be Happy?” I don’t know about you but I’ll be running to my couch to watch this documentary once it drops. I’d suggest you do the same.


My Life debuts June 25 on Amazon Prime.