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The real Matthew Mark Warner is a thin white man.

Whether or not 47-year-old Willie Troy—a black man on the heavier side—knew this is anyone’s guess, but Troy got busted big time in the New York City borough of Queens when he was apprehended by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police officers at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 7 for double parking.


According to the New York Post, when stopped by officers, Troy flashed Florida ID bearing his photo but Warner’s name. He was apparently hoping not to run into any trouble, but unfortunately officers took the license and ran it through the computer. They pulled up information on the real Warner, who is six inches shorter than Troy, a lot thinner and … white.

“My name is Matthew Mark Warner,” Troy insisted, according to the Post.

But physical differences aside, cops also realized that the address on the license wasn’t the exact match for Warner’s residence and that Troy could not provide Warner’s entire Social Security number.


Troy eventually gave up on his lie and admitted that he had bought the “very good” fake in Queens and had used it for about five years.

Troy has had his real license suspended three times, the Post notes, most recently in August 2006 for not paying child support. 

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