LeBron James Leads the Charge to Rename Crayola Crayon Bluetiful to Nipsey Blue

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Photo: Scott Dudelson (Getty Images)

In 2017, childhood mainstay Crayola had a contest in which they allowed people in North America to submit name choices for a new crayon. After receiving over 90,000 entries, they announced the latest hue would be named “Bluetiful.” Two years later, as millions of fans grieve the loss of recording artist, entrepreneur and community activist Nipsey Hussle, they’re bombarding the art supply company with a proposed amendment.


And Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James appears to be leading the charge.

On Thursday, the four-time MVP dug into the archives and responded to a tweet from the account @CreatorsProject, which was asking for recommendations back in 2017.

“Nipsey Blue,” James wrote, accentuating his suggestion with a blue heart emoji.

Fans of the “Last Time That I Checc’d” rapper have since flooded the account with their own recommendations, including Marathon Blue, Crenshaw Blue and Ocean View Blue, while others have suggested that the proceeds go to STEM programs that Nipsey had established prior to his tragic passing.


This is definitely a long shot considering the crayon has already been named for almost two years, but it would be a creative way to celebrate the life and legacy of the promising Los Angeles native—in addition to generating a residual source of income for the beautiful family he left behind.

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No thanks. I would rather not have to explain to my 6 year old who Nipsey is. GTFOH.