Illustration for article titled #LeavingYourApartmentWhileBlack: White Woman Refuses to Allow Black Teen to Leave Her Own Apartment Building
Screenshot: @taheerahrashad (Instagram)

In today’s edition of #ExistingWhileBlack, we learn that something as innocuous as leaving your apartment building is grounds for being harassed and accused of engaging in criminal behavior.


On Friday, Daily Dot reports that high school junior Taheera Rashad was minding her black-ass business while leaving her apartment when this happened:


In the minute-long video, Rashard records herself attempting to exit her apartment building, but she’s unable to do so because an unidentified old white lady is holding the door and blocking the exit with her own body.

“White people are crazy as fuck,” Rashad says in disbelief into the camera. “Do you see her?”

After a tense standoff that includes a little boy pleading for his “Nana” to stop behaving like an idiot, the elderly woman eventually relents. But not before asking, “Are you gonna go rob somebody?” She then walks away with her grandson.

“This bitch is crazy as fuck,” Rashad says, turning the camera toward the woman. “She just stood in the middle and held me and then said I’m gonna rob somebody.”


Rashad did not respond to The Root’s request for comment, but according to Twitter user @_SJPeace_, the elderly woman explained her rationale for her ridiculous behavior to Rashad.


“She says I didn’t live in my apartment building because majority of people who live there are white,” Rashad says in a screen captured message. “So when I tried to get in she held my [sic] from getting in.”

According to the Daily Dot, Rashad intends to address the matter with the leasing office but otherwise, she is keeping a positive attitude about the situation.


On Monday, she posted, “As crazy as this sounds, I wish nothing but love to the woman and her grandchildren.”


If only that woman, and many others like her, would just leave black people the hell alone.

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