Law Professor Breaks Down '99 Problems'

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Law professor breaks down "99 Problems": Turns out Jay-Z's hit song has some decent criminal-law advice. A law professor who evaluated it line by line and wrote a paper on it for a legal journal says that the rapper mostly got it right when it comes to the rules for police interactions, with just one glaring omission.

Are black women killing themselves to be strong? Ebony evaluates the negative health outcomes associated with "superwoman syndrome."


Why isn't Target selling Frank Ocean's album? The store has refused to sell Channel Orange. According to a tweet from Ocean's representative Christian Clancy: "Target has refused to carry Franks album because of Itunes exclusive. Interesting since they also donate to non equal rights organizations."

Flawed forensics prompt review of criminal cases: The Justice Department and the FBI have launched a review of thousands of criminal cases to determine whether any defendants were wrongly convicted or deserve a new trial because of flawed forensic evidence, officials said on Tuesday.

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