Lauryn Hill Shows Up Late for Concert Again, Is Dragged (and Defended) on Twitter

Angela Bronner Helm
Lauryn Hill acknowledges applause during the Nice Jazz Festival on July 9, 2015, in France. 

The good news is, the fact that “Lauryn Hill” was trending on Twitter Saturday morning did not mean that she has left this earthly plane. The bad news is that she showed up hours late for a concert … again, and was subsequently dissed, dismissed and defended on the social media platform.

Many took to Twitter on Saturday morning to talk about it, with some defending her as a legend, some saying that this is not surprising and some, like Talib Kweli, defending what many see as indefensible unprofessionalism.


In the first of the Chastain Park Amphitheatre’s 2016 Delta Live Nation Concert series, Hill showed up and began her set at 10:20 p.m. for a show that was supposed to begin at 8 p.m. Because of strict union policy, the sound was cut at 11 p.m.

There was no opening act, and the poor DJ reportedly tried to keep the angry crowd tamed with Prince hits and classic hip-hop.

Though Hill made no mention of her tardiness from the stage, a video later surfaced on Twitter with an angry fan demanding to know what happened and Hill placing the blame on her driver: “My driver got lost, I can’t control that,” she says.

NOT him dragging Lauryn to her face. She deserved it though!

— N∆TE (@NathanNAVY) May 7, 2016

In the years since her Miseducation of Lauryn Hill heyday, in which the singing rapper received a whopping 10 Grammy nods (winning five), Hill has been less than stellar with her live-performance propers. She is late quite a bit of the time, and sometimes the acoustics of the shows are painful.


It's a new moon & im not about to watch my timeline disrespect Lauryn Hill. NOT TODAY. Bye.

— Goldie ✨☥ (@tashabeee) May 7, 2016

Oh, Lauryn. Everything everything, girl?

Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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