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Louisiana Mom Makes Her Son Do Free Yard Work Following 3-Day Suspension From School

KSLA-TV screenshot
KSLA-TV screenshot

Ain’t nobody got time to waste. At least Demetris Payne was not having it with her son when he was suspended from school for three days.


Normally, one would think a suspension would be a three-day vacation, but not on Payne’s watch. In an inspirationally petty way (with just a whole lot of loving discipline), Payne decided right away to make her son do others’ yard work for “free” during the three days that he now had “free” because of his behavior, SFGate reports.

“My son has been suspended for three days from school for discipline,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum three hours. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome.”


Payne told KSLA-TV that she has tried other methods of discipline when her son has gotten in trouble, like taking away his games and his TV. Her son does not have a phone.

“So we said, ‘What else will work? Let’s let him do some work,’” the mom told the outlet.

Once Payne published the post to the Facebook group South Bossier Online Yard Sale, everything went uphill from there. She got quite a few people taking her up on her offer and even had to create a schedule to keep track of her son’s appointments, according to the report.


And just to show that she wasn’t all talk, Payne continued to share images of her son doing his best.


Through her posts, other individuals have been reaching out, complimenting Payne on her brand of parenting and discipline.


“Thanks for supporting the school and not letting him just sit around,” one commenter wrote.

“Now THERE’S a good parent! Bravo!” another person said.

As for Payne’s son? He returned to school earlier this week, and Mama Bear is not about to ease up anytime soon; she says that they were meeting with all his teachers to “make sure he stays on track.”


Read more at SFGate and KSLA-TV.

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A parent who doesn’t let her child act a fool without consequences/repercussions? What a novel concept!

What a time to be alive!