Raynell Kimbrough and Dawn Scott
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Police in Kenner, La., are looking into the deaths of a couple found shot multiple times with an infant sleeping next to them, Fox 8 reports.

Dawn Scott, 28, and Rayell Kimbrough, 31, were found Monday morning in the bedroom of their apartment, Kenner Police Lt. Brian McGregor said. Scott was still in bed when she died, while Kimbrough was found on the floor next to the bed, the news station notes. The infant daughter sleeping in the couple's bed was not harmed. 


There were two other young children, ages 2 and 10, who were sleeping in another bedroom at the time and were also unharmed. McGregor said that the 10-year-old ran to a neighbor's apartment for help after he heard the shots and saw his mother in the bedroom. A gold vehicle was seen leaving the apartment complex just after the shooting. 

"It was cold-hearted, and the last person you have to answer to is God. He's going to handle whoever you may be,” Shaketha Kimbrough, the sister of Rayell Kimbrough, told the news station. 


"Didn't find a gun in the house, so it certainly has everything of a homicide,” McGregor said. There was apparently no sign of forced entry into the home, leading authorities to believe that the victims knew the attacker. Police have not yet established a motive.

Family members are trying to make sense of the tragedy. 

"You know, you can get caught up with the wrong ones. She didn't have no friends. She didn't have nobody who would do her this. She just had a baby; like I told her, 'Stop, you moving too fast, stay home.' But she went by my mama's house last night, and they came by and I talked to her," Ellen Scott, Dawn Scott's mother, said.

"For them to literally put his girlfriend in the middle of this, a mother of three, I mean, why? Whatever the situation may be, if it was a beef with my brother, she had nothing to do with this. This girl was a loving person, a working mother,” Shaketha Kimbrough added. "My brother was a loving person. He may have his ups and may have had his downs, but he never would do nobody what they did him."


"I don't have anything to say—nothing—because they're going to get their day," another sister, Natacha Kimbrough, said. 

Scott's mother repeatedly said that she wanted custody of her daughter's three children, although child protective services was called to the scene.


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