Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Delayed 7 Months. Judge Says Even New Date Is 'Not Written in Stone'

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Justice for the shooting victims—as well as their families—of Kyle Rittenhouse is already looking like it’s going to be an uphill battle what with conservatives across the nation adopting him as their new favorite gun-happy mascot and the fact that even violating court orders didn’t result in any real consequences for the 18-year-old.


Well, now it appears that the battle won’t just be uphill—it will be long AF. On Wednesday, the trial in which Rittenhouse faces felony charges in the killing of two protesters and seriously injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisc., will be delayed for seven months, and the judge presiding over the case said it might even be longer than that.

The Associated Press reports that the trial—which had been set to begin in just under three weeks on March 29—has been postponed until Nov. 1, with a status hearing set for May 17. Apparently, this is happening because neither the defense nor prosecution currently has their shit together.

According to AP, attorneys on both sides of the case told Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder that they need more time to prepare for trial.

From AP:

Rittenhouse appeared with his attorney during the court hearing broadcast over Zoom. He only spoke when the judge asked him if he had any problem with the delay, which would push his trial start to more than a year after the shootings.

“No, your honor,” Rittenhouse said. He was seated behind his attorney and wearing a mask. The judge cautioned that the trial could be pushed back even further, saying the November date was “not written in stone.”

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said both sides needed more time, citing a “number of outstanding issues,” including DNA testing.

Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, agreed to targeting the fall for a trial start.

“We’re interested in moving this matter forward but whatever the court decides, we’ll abide by,” he said.


So basically, there’s no guarantee that the trial that decides Rittenhouse’s fate will even start by year’s end, let alone be concluded by then. Meanwhile, Rittenhouse remains free on bail, and the surviving victim, along with the families of those fatally shot, will have to wait and see if any semblance of justice will be delivered later this year if at all.

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As long as he’s out here walking around, he’s a target. He could be dead by his new trial date.