Andre Lamont O’Neal Jr. 
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The man responsible for the shooting death of an 8-year-old Kentucky boy said that it was a "huge accident" that caused the gun to go off after, he claims, it slipped in his hands, WAVE 3 News reports

Elgin Anders Jr., a neighbor and a friend of the family of little Andre Lamont O'Neal Jr., acknowledged that he was the one responsible for the shooting in Louisville Saturday night, calling it a "big accident" and a "huge accident." 


Anders said that he was grilling nearby and was trying to get the gun out of his pocket when his slippery fingers caused the gun to go off accidentally. 

"I should've just kept it in my pocket, but it was hanging in my pocket and I was like, man, I need to get it out my pocket," Anders told the station. "I was about to put it where I put it at, and it slipped, and pow!"


The little boy was reportedly with a babysitter when the shooting happened around 11 p.m.

Anders said that, in his panic, he helped take Andre to the hospital instead of calling 911 for an ambulance. 


"It was a shocking moment. It was a real shocking moment," Anders said. "We didn't really know what to do, so we took him ourselves. I'm holding him in my chest, squeezing the wound. So far, I'd seen the wound in his arm. Early this morning, they told me it came out his chest, but we didn't know nothing about it."

"He was [a] good little boy," Andre Lamont O'Neal Sr. said of his son. “Good, smart … I kept him, like, every weekend."


Anders, who is also the father of a young child, said that the shooting disturbed him. 

"He's a young child," Anders said. "Nobody wants to see anyone that young die."

According to WAVE 3 News, homicide detectives are currently conducting a death investigation.


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