Koch Brothers, Others Pledge $100 Million to Beat Obama

John Chiasson/Getty Images
John Chiasson/Getty Images

Conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch and numerous allies have pledged $100 million to help beat President Obama in this year's presidential election, according to the Desert Sun.

The "Koch brothers," as they are famously referred to by the media, pledged approximately $60 million at a conservative retreat last weekend in Indian Wells, Calif. Close to 300 other wealthy attendees contributed to pledge $40 million to beat Obama.

The private retreat, which is an annual three-day event for the wealthy, Republican politicians and conservative activists, is the ninth consecutive one hosted by the Koch brothers.


Because there are limits on the amount a donor can give an individual presidential candidate, the majority of these funds will be funneled directly to super PACs or nonprofits that can accept and spend an unlimited amount of funds.

When you sit down and watch each Republican debate, the one thing missing from all of them is solutions. If it isn't endless talking about how Obama has ruined the country, they are wasting the rest of our time going at each other's throat.

The Republican Party is simply looking for anyone who can beat Obama. Its policies and what it stands for seem to be a very small part of the equation; and while the Koch brothers and every other right-wing funder on Earth can donate millions upon millions, it will be strategy, plans, results and solutions that will either give us a new president or keep us with the one we have now.

Read more at the Desert Sun.

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