Klobuchar Seeks Black Support in Race to Be Biden's Running Mate; Trump Campaign Sells 'You Ain't Black' Shirts

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Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is reportedly in the running to be Joe Biden’s choice for vice president candidate, is apparently now trying to shore up her credibility with the black community.

According to a new story from the Washington Post, Klobuchar has spent the past few weeks scrambling to repair her image with black voters by “aggressively” reaching out to African-American groups, introducing a voting rights bill, joining an NAACP town hall and granting interviews to African American journalists.

Klobuchar’s standing with black constituents was shown as less than stellar during her own run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.


From Washington Post:

Klobuchar’s home state is about 7 percent black, and the roots of her tensions with the black community go back to her tenure as Hennepin County attorney from 1999 to 2006. As chief prosecutor for Minnesota’s most populous county, Klobuchar declined to file charges in more than two dozen cases involving people killed in encounters with police.

During the Democratic primary, she garnered few endorsements from elected black leaders and claimed just 1 percent of the black vote in South Carolina, according to exit polls. She left the race two days after her sixth-place finish there.

It remains to be seen if Klobuchar’s newfound love for the black community will win her the coveted slot in Biden’s campaign for the presidency, or if the former V.P. will heed growing calls to choose a black woman as his running mate.

For an example of the uphill battle that a Biden and Klobuchar ticket would likely encounter in the ongoing election—that already feels so, so long—check out the Trump campaign’s response to Biden’s recent remarks that people “ain’t black” if they can’t figure out whether to vote for him or the current president:

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Yes, that’s a T-shirt modeled by a black woman and emblazoned with the words “You Ain’t Black” being sold for $30 by the official campaign to put Donald Trump in office for another four years.


I’m already tired.

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And, BTW, for the millionth time:

Joe shouldn’t have said it because it wasn’t for him to say, but he was dead right: If you’re a black person running in or supporting a party whose very core tenets are anti-black you’re not black. You’re not kinfolk. If you’re having trouble picking between an ally and this community’s arch-enemy, you ain’t fuckin’ black. Full stop.

And can y’all stop amplifying the media and Russian trolling of his campaign with the Klobuchar shit? She’s not the frontrunner, next has been. But here we are acting like he’s already picked her. Presumptive nominees vet a whole host of candidates; it is not surprising that a Senator who ran for president who then endorsed him would be one of those potential picks. He’s vetting Val Demming, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, etc...too.

Take this “woke” bullshit trolling, elsewhere.  Can y’all stop acting brand new?  Can y’all start acting like you’ve been here before?