Sporting a business ‘fro and a pronounced beard that gave him the look of an ‘80s Marvin Gaye or a ‘70s Orson Welles, Tuesday, while his one time paramour Christine Beatty still serves out her 120-day sentence, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was released from jail and headed directly to his family’s new home in Southlake, Texas on a private jet.

As The Detroit Free Press reports, as a cloistered, predominantly white community with a median annual income over $170K, Southlake is pretty much the un-Detroit. You might even say that Kilpatrick went from Motown to “Whoa-town.”

With Kilpatrick in Southlake and former President George W. Bush now living in a posh North Dallas neighborhood, The Buzz detects a pattern—the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area appears to be the preferred retreat for legacy-challenged former chief executives. Roll out the welcome wagon.