A Virginia university has launched an investigation into a disgusting, hateful video that was posted to YouTube but has since been removed because of a violation of the video-sharing site’s standards.

In the video, a woman can be seen wearing a Donald Trump mask; dancing to music that promotes lynching, white power and the Ku Klux Klan; and waving a firearm. Interestingly enough, the music has a distinctly hip-hop-inspired beat, but ya know what? ... Girl, I guess. Anyway, at one point, the woman can be seen wearing a white T-shirt with Trump’s face and the words, “My President Is White Again.”


Messages on the screen read “Nigger History Month” and “Kill All Niggers.”

According to Raw Story, Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., got involved with the video because the university’s logo can be seen on a sweatshirt in the video.


“This is an outrageous act of hate and intolerance, and we are sickened by this vile video. There is no place on this campus for hate and divisiveness,” the university said in a statement. “University administrators are taking this matter seriously and university police are investigating.

“These types of incidents stand as a stark reminder that we must continue our resolve to educate on the importance of civility and inclusion. It is what we as a Monarch Nation stand for and represent every day,” the statement continued.


It’s worth noting that old girl had her face covered throughout the whole video. It’s easy to be racist, threatening and dumb when you can’t be identified, isn’t it? Bet ya she wouldn’t have dared put on that little act in front of a crowd of people. #dontletyourpresidentgetyourasswhooped

Anyway, hopefully it’s a short while until the individual involved is punished appropriately.


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