Kevin Ware is tended to by medical professionals. (Getty Images)

The Courier-Journal describes the right-tibia fracture that University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware sustained during the Cardinals' 85-63 win over Duke in the Midwest Regional final as "gruesome," and there's no question about that — a bone punctured through the skin in his lower leg.

But according to a release from the school's sports medicine director, it was not bad enough to end his career, as many feared it would:

Ware had the bone reset, and a rod was inserted into leg during the operation that lasted about two hours 

Hina was part of the team that stabilized Ware's injury on the court as he was removed on a stretcher.

"It's an injury that needs to be dealt with in a swift fashion due to the fact that it was open, and there are infection concerns, and then obviously you need to stabilize that fracture," he said. "One thing you have to establish is, is there circulation below the fracture. Did he disrupt any arteries or veins? Once we establish that, it's stabilizing the fracture as tight as we can so that it doesn't move."

Ware is hopeful he can return to Louisville after Tuesday, then join the Cardinals as they advance to the Final Four in Atlanta, his hometown.

Read more at the Courier-Journal.

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