Kevin Hart Hosts 'SNL' to Mixed Reviews


While it is Kevin Hart's moment in Hollywood, his humor didn't necessarily translate to his SNL hosting stint on Saturday night. A number of the skits fell flat, although some were funny, like when the Think Like a Man star played the race card in a spoof of the zombie drama The Walking Dead, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

In the sketch, Hart plays a man who comes across Rick (Taran Killam) and other characters from the AMC hit. When the group turns its back to decide if they'll let him into their camp, Hart is bitten by a zombie unbeknownst to them.

When Hart starts displaying some decidedly zombie characteristics (walking with a bum leg, moaning), Rick charges Hart with being "one of them."

What did he mean by "one of them?" Hart demands.

"When someone comes from a different cultural background, they're automatically a zombie," Hart says, which prompts Rick and the rest of the group to apologize and insist they're not racists.


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