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Kevin Hart: 'Black Women Assume They Know Your Life'

Kevin Hart (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Kevin Hart (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart, responding to criticism of his relationships, expressed frustration with black women, saying they "assume they know your life," MadameNoire reports.

Kevin Hart stays in trouble with black women[,] doesn't he? At least that's what we gathered from the controversy, or better yet criticisms, that have seemed to follow his career since he entered the mainstream spotlight. First the story was he didn't like dark-skinned women, now the assumption is he left his wife for his new young thang Eniko.

Curious how the bite-size comedian feels about all the backlash, when we spotted Kevin Hart on the red carpet at Ne-yo's Compound Foundation "Fostering a Legacy" gala in East Hampton this Saturday that's exactly what we asked him about. Check out what he said:

"Black women assume they know your life, that's the funniest thing about black women. Here's where people mess up. They mess up caring about what people think. At the end of the day, your life is your life. You could be walking and fall in the grass and people would say he fell 'cuz he was on that stuff. He was on them drugs. People make opinions. If you choose to feed into those opinions, your life will be miserable."


Read more at MadameNoire. 

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