Keep It Classy, Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Lolo Jones' recent inflammatory tweet about Rachel Jeantel, witness at George Zimmerman's trial, to Madea, says a lot more about the running star than its does about Jeantel, writes Kirsten West Savali at NewsOne.  

There are many cultural critics and scholars who  tackle the dysfunction inherited from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. And the same people rallying around Rachel Jeantel are the same community activists fighting against injustice and inequity from a structural standpoint.

Then we have Jones, who by tearing a page from the Miseducation of the (House) Negro,' managed to,  in 140-characters or less, alienate and offend people who previously supported her.

Note to Ms. Jones: Rachel Jeantel is not the stereotype; you are. From now on, when people make assumptions about light-skin privilege and lack of empathy for women who don’t meet the standard acceptability criteria, you will be pointed to as the perfect example.


Read Kirsten West Savali's entire piece at NewsOne.

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