Karen Brigade Harasses Black Women Kissing at the Pool. Hilarity Ensues as They Get Thrown TF Out

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For possibly the first time in American history, bigotry got white people thrown out of the swimming pool.


It all started last Sunday when two women who are both reportedly Black were kissing at a swimming pool at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, Calif. A group of Karens and at least one Ken-tlemen took offense to the display of affection between two women (just before Pride month no less) and decided to do a Karen’s one job—minding somebody else’s business.

Domonique Veasley, one of the two women who were being harassed by the clueless, hueless and now-swimming pool-less, told CBS Sacramento that there were plenty of straight couples at the pool showing each other the same degree of affection she and her girlfriend were sharing when the caucasity crew approached them about their regular-degular-ass couple behavior.

“This is not okay anymore—it’s 2021,” Veasley said.

From CBS:

According to Veasley, she came to cool off in the Sawyer pool but other guests’ tempers heated up after she and her friend, also a woman, started kissing. That’s when she says a group of people asked them to stop because their kids were around.

“My initial reaction for the children was ‘Oh yeah, and then I was like ‘You are asking me to stop being me,” she said.

Veasley explained two women out of a group of people approached her and her partner on two separate occasions. Despite straight couples showing the same level of affection, she says they were the only ones approached. She believes the group eventually called security on the couple.

Georgy Avakov said he witnessed the incident.

“The white women specifically targeted Ms. Veas (Domonique) and her friend, despite at least a dozen straighter, non-black couples and parents also in the pool and at the bar at the time, who were being just as affectionate,” he said.

Once security was called, a security officer asked her to get out of the pool and discuss the situation.

“It would’ve been a beautiful moment for her to teach about love to her kids but instead she decided to sexualize two women,” she explained.

Let’s fast forward to the fun part, shall we?

So, pretty much everyone at the pool had the kissing couple’s back, and they, along with hotel security, asked the band of prudish Patties to apologize to them, according to Avakov, who filmed the homophobic squeamish squad as they walked off of the premises after refusing to apologize.


As the Karen Karavan walked out, some guests at the pool began chanting “shame” which is a reference to a well-known scene in Game of Thrones. Personally, I thought the chanting was disrespectful...to the late, great Cersei Lannister.


These women are no Cersei. Have they even taken sweet revenge out on all of their foes? Do they keep caches of wildfire in the basement for anybody who wants smoke? Have these motherfuckers (but not twin brotherfuckers) even risen to the level of ruler of King’s Landing and, by extension, Westeros? I don’t think so. Cersei originated the expression “I choose violence.” All these Pride-hating Hannas did was call the authorities and then walk away crying white tears after it turned out nobody gave a fuck about two Black women minding their own business.

“You’re calling somebody racist because they’re white...that’s ‘shame,’” one white devil in a blue dress is heard saying angrily before flipping off the chanting spectators and storming off. But that woman wasn’t nearly as hilarious as the next sassy Susanite to walk the walk of shame.


“Do you guys have any children?” the next woman asked. After someone in the pool shouted that they didn’t want children, she replied, “Good, ‘cause you’d be a fucking terrible dad.” (Obviously, Angry Agatha believes good parents wear their homophobia on their sleeves instead of teaching their kids not to be bigots.)

“I have never met anyone like you guys. Are you kidding me?” she continued. “I have never been more embarrassed in my life for the human race. I am a Jewish woman from New Jersey, you’re a disgusting piece of shit.”


Someone from the chanting crowd shouted, “You’re suburban,” and that’s when Hateful Hagrid got extra flustered.

“I live in Oakland, you fucking asshole! You’re a loser!” she replied. Every Black person watching the video likely responded to that shit the same way: I know Miss “I’m just Gentrifier from the block” is not out here trying to claim The Town for street cred!


Imagine embarrassing yourself like this when minding your own business is so easy and doesn’t cost you a thing. Will the Karens ever learn?


Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons



“clueless, hueless and now-swimming pool-less” and “Gentrifier from the block”....

*chef’s kiss*