Kanye's Disgrace

Man up, Homie

Kanye West is a disgrace to Beta males everywhere. His outburst last night at the VMAs was uncalled for. He should have been hogtied and ejected like Robert Deniro did Joe Pesci's cowboy friend with all the lip in Casino. Kanye's wasn't an artful expression, an MC challenge or a PSA. It was a Beta male trying to go gorilla on a civilian, waving the flag for another man's wife (seriously, WTF?) … and an uglier display I cannot recall.

Kanye apologized, but he's lucky Taylor Swift is probably dating some spineless Beta male hipster doofus too emo to man up and rock Kanye's yacht proper-like. Kanye should be banned from all MTV Awards shows, Andrew Dice Clay-stylee. Clay got banned for disrespecting his fellow artists, and the same rules should apply for West. He picked this little waif of a young lady and took her moment away in a way he would never do to Dr. Dre, Eminem or Metallica.


What a punk.

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