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Normally, nobody takes anything nonmusical that comes out of Kanye West's mouth (or Twitter account) too seriously, but his comments today unfortunately mirror the theme of a legitimate controversy surrounding an anti-abortion billboard in New York that targets black women and says, "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb."


With a less articulate, but equally insensitive take on the issue, the rapper tweeted this morning: "an abortion can cost a ballin' nigga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin' bi**hes be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n**gas!"  ("It ain't happen to me but I know people," he clarified.)

Memo to Kanye:

1) Your numbers seem off (and in any case, wouldn't child support be even more expensive for "a ballin' nigga" in the long run?)


2) As far as we know, women don't actually get to keep the money charged for abortions, so the whole gold-digging theory doesn't make a lot of sense in this particular case.

3) We're not sure if there are celebrity Twitter-rant rehab clinics, but we'd be happy to do the research for you.

Oh, and there's really no need to work the titles of hit songs of yesteryear into your political commentary.

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In other news: Omarosa Named Assistant Pastor of L.A. Church.

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