The Buzz would be outraged, but why? This is entirely too megalomaniacal to be anything but hilarious. Yeah, Kanye? That's your greatest pain? Not your mom dying? Or the break up of your engagement? Not, by your own admission, stabbing Damon Dash in the back when he and Jay-Z had their falling out? With each passing day, as the jeans get tighter, the hair gets more Peabo Bryson circa 1986-esque, the onstage jigs look more and more like a man trying to control a fit of sneezing and the crooning manages to outsing Auto-tune, this guy becomes more of a caricature and, thus, more lovable. Not respectable, but definitely lovable, in the way Gene Hackman was endearing as Lux Luthor.

UPDATE: A colleague tells The Buzz West's comments were entirely more tongue-in-cheek than is being reported. If this is true, it makes the statement somewhat less hilarious, until one considers the man's soundbite history. Stay tuned…

What do you all think?