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Kanye West has morphed into a drunken, reckless loudmouth.  He needs to sit down with a therapist and discuss why he enjoys punishment and outrage from millions. The brother has masochist tendencies. The brother is walking around with a stripper. The brother rolls up to the MTV Video Music Awards knocking back a bottle of Hennessy. The brother snatched the mic from Taylor Swift and basically said Beyonce is queen of the video so sit your country-azz down.  Folks, the brother is crying out for help. Help him!


First and foremost, somebody needs to pull the Hennessy from his grip.  I'm certain the slave-owner, Louis Vuitton aka Hennessy, pays their obedient slave Kanye a nice chunk of change to walk around shackled by alcohol, but the slave can't handle his liquor and he might hurt himself.  Wait, did I say that?  I meant to say I'm sure Hennessy appreciates Kanye's unwavering commitment to promote the image of a black man slurping from a bottle of 80-proof because that's every black man's aspiration.  Wait, did I say that?  I meant to say I'm confident Hennessy is grateful for Kanye's willingness to spread the word that the only way a black man can stay in the music game is sip on a little "Gnac" and completely humiliate a 19-year-old white girl.

Help him, y'all.  Next time he might appear at the Oscars, wearing only his socks, claiming his performance in the Taking of Pelham 123 was the best acting by a drunken untreated masochist in 50 years. (Exactly. He wasn't even in the Taking of Pelham 123.)



Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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