Embattled rapper Kanye West (Getty Images)

Kanye West is hopping mad yet again. This time his target is Matt Lauer of the Today show, who interviewed West about his comments about Bush during Hurricane Katrina. You may recall that Kanye shouted during a telethon that "George Bush doesn't like black people." In case you've been asleep at the wheel, W. has embarked on a tour to promote his memoir and was interviewed by Lauer earlier this week. During the interview, Bush identified Kanye's comments as the lowest point of his presidency. We thought it might have been 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, declaring war based on false data or the record deficit. Instead it was Kanye labeling him a "racist." Kanye went on the Today show with the intention of addressing the issue. Mistake number one. You don't address foolish statements. Bush claiming to lose sleep over Kanye's comments is sheer and utter foolishness. Kanye should have left well enough alone but didn't. Now, instead of Bush looking crazy, Kanye looks crazy and is back at it with the media. Kanye also insists that Lauer was "brutal" and trying to "force" the answers he wanted out of Kanye. To Kanye we say, more rap battles and less media battles.

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