Kanye debuts limited edition scarves: Even though the rapper's initial artwork for his latest album was banned, he recently announced that he'll be creating five limited edition scarves inspired by the artwork. Only 100 of each scarf will be made and sold for $364 apiece, so get them while they last!


Where's my change at? A South Carolina man called police after his crack dealer made him pay $60 for $20 worth of drugs. Dexter White called 911, asking for a canine unit, but after explaining to the operator what happened, he decided he just wanted her to send police to help him get the money back. When officers arrived, White was arrested for disorderly conduct. He's lucky that was all they charged him with.  


President Obama impersonator returns: Iman Crosson, better known as Alphacat, is back at it again. The man best known for his Obama impersonations during the 2008 elections returned to YouTube with a video spoofing Obama's speech announcing Osama bin Laden's death. Check out the hilarious video for yourself.


Fifteen-year-old headed to Harvard: After getting accepted to 13 schools, teen prodigy Saheela Ibraheem has decided to go to Harvard. Saheela, the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, plans to major in neuroscience or neurobiology in order to learn how the brain works. "I try my best in everything I do," says Saheela. "Anyone who's motivated can work wonders." How inspiring!


In other news: Study: Nearly Half of Detroit's Residents Are Illiterate.

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