Judge of Characters: Confronting Racism Does Not Make You Racist

The Root is a platform that unapologetically confronts racism. But it seems that the racists we call out often attempt to flip the script on us—specifically me and Judge of Characters—by labeling me a racist.


For a year now, I’ve been writing and producing the series, Judge of Characters to shine light on the things black Twitter is buzzing about, and often, in this climate, the buzz is all about racism. This reality would reflect almost every week in the videos, and without fail, the comment section would light up with venomous insults from trolls who think that racism is me calling out racism. Hilarious, right?

Judge of Characters is coming to an end, but not because the racist trolls of the comment section have run me off. It’s because I am leaving The Root, my digital home over the last three years. It’s bittersweet, but I figured I can’t leave my biggest and most racist fans high and dry.

So I present to you: The final Judge of Characters episode that addresses racist trolls while teaching them a thing or two about racism. I’ll miss you all!

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