Joy and Pain: MSNBC Host Assaults Trump’s Highest-Ranking Black Friend on Live TV

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For all the people who criticize The Root for our lack of coverage of Black-on-Black crime, we present MSNBC host Joy Reid’s heinous attack on one of America’s foremost MAGA negroes, Ja’Ron Smith.


As the only prime-time cable news show hosted by a Black person, The ReidOut is essentially cable news’ Black neighborhood. Everyone knows that the highest-ranking person in any majority-Black area is the one Black lady who “don’t take no mess.” While Joy Reid hasn’t earned her candy lady license and is three pastors’ anniversaries away from becoming a board-certified usher, she is known for her verbal draggings, like that time she beat fake Kappa, Pastor Mark Burns into a hysterical fit of laughter with—of all things—a Bible verse.

Former White House adviser Ja’Ron Smith appeared on The ReidOut on Wednesday and unfortunately found out that he probably should have tucked in his chain before MSNBC’s Debo showed up to ask—and I can’t stress this enough—the person who was once the Trump administration’s highest-ranking Black aide—whether he considered Joe Biden to be the president-elect.

“I want to start by asking you a pretty basic, sort of bottom-line question. Do you accept and believe that Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States?” Reid asked Bearded Tim Scott.

“I think we should just let the nation kind of run its course on the investigations and lawsuits on dealing with the vote, and once that’s decided, we can confirm it,” Smith replied. “You know, I think if the election was leaning in Trump’s direction, we would want to run the course and make sure that every vote that was cast was appropriate.”

On this point, Nephew Ruckus was partially correct. When the election was actually leaning in Trump’s direction at the end of the evening of Nov. 3, Democrats actually decided to let the election “run the course and make sure that every vote that was cast was appropriate.” And how did they do that? They let election officials count the votes, which might come as a surprise to Smith.

“What investigations specifically?” Reid asked MAGA Kimbo Slice. “Give me a specific one. Name me one. Name me one that has not already been thrown out.”


“Honestly, I haven’t been following it,” Smith would say after Reid bullied him into answering her questions.

Joy seemed stunned but—to be fair—why would anyone expect the Candace Owens of Ice Cubes to follow an election just because he once worked in the White House and appeared on television to answer questions about the election?


And when Reid asked Smith how he felt, as a Black man, about his party’s attempt to specifically disenfranchise Black voters, Ben Carson’s #BeardGoals replied that he don’t know nothin’ ‘bout no voter racism. And voter suppression? Who said anything about voter suppression? He is an Alpha, for Chrissakes! Plus, white people live in Detroit, too! (Seriously, that was his response.)


Apparently, Joy Reid has never seen Eight Mile. What about Rabbit? Why do liberals hate Cheddar Bob? A Phi A! Ohhhh Six!

And then, Kellyanne Kanye turned off his MAGAbook Pro, pedaled his clown car back to the “unpaid employees”’ quarters on the Mar-a-Lago Plantation where Lil Wayne advised him that he’s got the stepping part down but his fetching needed a little more work.


Someone has to stop Joy Reid.

How are Black conservatives supposed to teach their children how to shuck and jive if she keeps perpetuating this abrasive form of lie-shaming? She’s supposed to be a role model. Slapping lies out of someone’s mouth is also violence and it should be condemned. Tucker Carlson would never! This is just another example of the fake news lamestream media attacking conservatives by pointing out their lack of logic and facts.


Perhaps The ReidOut should be rated M for Mature Audiences or—at the very least—ED for excessive dragging. This is why we can’t have nice things (like democracy, perhaps). How does Joy Reid know that Smith doesn’t suffer from a rare neurological condition that left him with the inability to pronounce the words “president-elect?” What if he has been stricken with Diamond and Silk Cell Anemia? Bitchassperger’s perhaps?

It’s a hate crime, really.

Anyway, RIP to the dismembered corpse of Ja’Ron Smith, and shame on Joy Reid for the actions caught in this exclusive footage of Reid’s visit to the depths of Ja’Ron Smith’s soul:

He will be missed.

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The look on Joy Reid’s face says it all.