Jordan Davis Lawyer: 'It's Not About Race'

Jordan Davis (News 4 Jax)

Following the shooting of Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old black teen, by Michael Dunn, a white man, in Florida, the attorney for the slain young man's family says this case is not about race. Instead, according to MSNBC, lawyer John Phillips said it's "about love and hate."

"The main thing right now is trying not to foster any hate. That's a lot of what came out of Trayvon," Phillips said.

Davis' killing, and his killer, Michael Dunn's claims of self-defense, have resurrected the not-so-deeply buried bones of the Martin case, in which George Zimmerman claims he also killed Martin in self-defense.

Both cases seemed to have evolved into mandates on race relations and the state's controversial Stand Your Ground laws, which give people wide discretion in the use of lethal force.


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