John Boyega Gathers Social Media Trolls for Criticizing Him Over ‘Laying Pipe’ Joke

Star Wars actor John Boyega
Star Wars actor John Boyega
Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

Disclaimer: The following information may contain spoilers.

It’s pretty obvious that some Star Wars fans can really take things over the top but one of the blockbuster franchise’s stars is drawing the line between fact and fiction.


John Boyega had all the time before the New Year kicked off.

On Tuesday, the Star Wars actor came under fire after he made what some considered a crude joke about his character hooking up with Jedi hero Rey in their fictional galaxy.

Boyega first shared a video of himself dancing on Instagram, which prompted a flurry of reactionary praise among his 1.7 million followersmany commenting on his slick moves.

In response to an Instagram follower, who suggested that the death of his character’s romantic rival in The Rise of Skywalker had opened the door for something to happen with the main female protagonist, Boyega joked: “It’s not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe. You are a genius.”

The comment riled up some who accused him of misogyny and bawdy taste.

“Bro you re extremly [sic] disgusting and gross also f—ing disrespectful…you cannot be this jealous of adam driver dude,” Twitter user Hannah Crogmen wrote with a screenshot of the actor’s comment, referencing the Girls actor who plays Kylo Ren.


Boyega was not having any of that and gathered her up, noting that it was a joke about fictional charactersand not Daisy Ridley, the actress who plays Rey.

“You obviously don’t know the difference [sic] between a fictional world and reality,” Boyega clapped back to Crogmen.


She may not know the difference between reality and fiction, but she sure was savvy enough to bring fun Instagram chatter to the fiery pits of Twitter.


So yes, that is a thing nowadays.

“I was talking about Rey from Star Wars. When did I speak about women in general?” the 27-year-old British actor wrote to another troll on Instagram, the New York Post reported.


It appears he’s not taking no tea for the fever.



Homeboy went off on Twitter, yesterday. It was a thing of much beauty.

The whole context is that he’s been racistly attacked on social media since jump in this series. So now that the series is over, he offered everyone one of these...

Oh, and it was much more than the crude joke.

John had ALL THE TIME. lol